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I had other plans for this months blog, however, life had other ideas and decided, how about you have an interview with ITV News Wales? And I said ok.

At the time that this was published, I was on my way to Prague and during that journey, to see this interviews ratings climb so rapidly was really quite something. I had no idea that it would have this much of an impact. If this piece had never been aired, I would have still done it. For those who are curious about what happened during the making of this, here it is:

ITV News Wales came by the One Stop Shop on 21 High Street in Cardiff to interview quite a few of us on what it is like being diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum. They filmed us in the games room just hanging out. Aled & I were playing pool but I wasn’t really paying attention to the game itself, I was just potting holes for the sake of it. After this, I went first for the interview in the cosy room as I had a treatment scheduled in later that day. The interview itself lasted about half an hour at the most. I was asked really interesting questions such as what my childhood was like, about my diagnosis, my life story, any sort of historical influence of how my diagnosis is impacted me as a woman and of course, the One Stop Shop helped me in my life. Even though in the interview I came across well (according to everyone who saw it and told me how good it was) I was pretty much holding back tears the entire time as I was digging deep about certain things in my childhood and how peoples negative perceptions of me affected my life. For the most part though, it was very positive.

The real reason why I decided to take this chance was to give hope to others who have Asperger’s Syndrome. I fully understand those feelings of inadequacy and insignificance about this condition, especially the way the media portrays us; that we are all mathematical geniuses who will assassinate the bad guy at the drop of a hat or we are the child prodigy artist that the world is so impressed by; if brilliance is not in your portfolio as a human being, then the best response you will get for your talents is the undecided complement meh, [shrug shoulders]. I understand the feelings of isolation and loneliness when you really want to interact with others and you are a decent person but for some reason, you are perceived as a weirdo and your left scratching your head as to why people will not include you in their activities. Anyone on the spectrum who is reading this, if you have any other feelings like this, I completely understand. There are future plans for this blog to have a section on Asperger’s Syndrome. I will now put that in my to do list now.

After the interview, it felt like all the years of hard work and studying people and jumping the hurdles of constant self checking to make sure that the glass on the compass is shining is starting to pay off.

I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and for the positive feedback that I received for my interview. I am honoured and humbled that I had the opportunity to speak out for those in the Autistic Community. Yyyaaarrr P-)

All this week, we will be sharing the stories and experiences of people living with autism in Wales. Meet Sarah. She has Asperger's Syndrome. She was told growing up she would never do well in life. She recently set up her own business.#WorldAutismAwarenessWeek

Opslået af ITV Wales på 27. marts 2017

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