Monthly reflections on my business, what again?!?

Ah, month 2 of trading. I cannot believe I am back here reflecting. It’s like I blinked in February and now its March. I knew I was going to get ill at some point, but not as soon as this. I was out of work for two weeks and it was brutal. There are some sectors where you can go to work and be ill; the holistic therapy industry is not one of them. So far I do not have any advice on how to get through this financially, but I have my top 5 tips for recovering from the flu:


Even when I am not ill, this is my favourite thing to do. When you have the flu, or any kind of illness really, you should sleep until you are better. Even if you are mentally wide awake, just sleep because the more you rest, the quicker you get better. I know this sounds like I am playing state the obvious game, but many people do not take the rest they need. They power on through and spread their germs all over the joint and making everyone else sick. Only get up for food, water, taking medicine and the bog.


This stuff is brilliant. The man at Bean Freaks said that this was better than paracetamol because it only numbs the pain where as this, this eats the infection like a wee PAC-MAN that has an appetite for the flu virus. It is expensive but natural and impressive.

Juice Plus:

There is a reason why you are supposed to take this everyday. When I did, my sinus problem disappeared and I never got sick. The reason for this is because when taken all together, the contain over 15 fruits and vegetable nutrients that has then been condensed into pills. When your body is nourished properly, it prevents all kinds of illnesses. I took double doses of this to help fight my flu.

6 Kiwi’s and a Carton of Orange Juice:

I never got round to trying this but a street charity worker said this worked a treat and it sounds good.


Even when I am not ill, this is my favourite thing to do. Oh yeah, I said this already. Yep, I love to sleep yar. P-) zzzzz [Yes, I sleep an eye mask with only one eye patch].

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