Reflecting on my first month of business

I cannot believe that I have been trading for over a month, how could this possibly be February?!

This first month has been painfully and surprisingly slow in terms of getting work, but I have learned enough to tell you my number 1 tip I have so far:

1) If you need to cry, do so and let it out.

I did not cry because I was sad; I cried because I needed to release the stress that had been built up. The financial stress, the change of routine, the lack of routine, the overwhelming list of things I needed to do, the rejection from companies, the strange looks I got from people because they are not smart enough to catch on with what I am trying to do with my business, and slogging away for hours on social media and making sure that I have good content online so that it will grab others interest. This will probably carry on for quite a while; but I am glad because I know that afterwards I am going to feel so much better. It is as if there has been a thunder and lightening and rainstorm that has been brewing inside me, and then it finally came out and it cleared my inner atmosphere. As a result of that, my upper back clicked back into place and the sound of my breath sounded like calm waves coming in and out of the sea. (Even if my business was not called Massages For Pirates, I would still be using the exact same description). You know how when your body has had a cut, it bleeds, the blood clots and then it heals? I have a belief that crying is a similar thing, except in reverse. You are e.g. stressed, overwhelmed, [fill in the blank] which creates an emotional/mental clot, you cry and then it has unclothed itself.

2) Facilitating your weeping session.

I have this section because you know why you need to cry, but you just cannot get it out. If you are going to cry, make sure you find the best way that works for you. My personal favourite is I like to cry into a big bathroom towel and really wale into it. I sometimes listen to a song, either Any Other Name by Thomas Newman or Let it Be by The Beatles. This is not something that you have to do for too long; I recently learned that emotional pain actually only lasts for 12 minutes, any longer than that is self inflicted. I kinda of agree with that statement because if I just drag out my weep, I am just drained and exhausted. That is fine if you are then going straight to bed, but if you have a day you need to get on with, then short and sweet is the best way forward.

3) Crying? Really?

Yes really! This is an untapped resource that the world tells that if we do cry, we are weak and pathetic (women not so much, but still). The purpose of crying is that it lets go tension within yourself that no other way can release it. We need to learn the art of taking a tantrum without being childish about it. When you look at a child crying over something, once they have taken that time to be upset, they so, “oh look, a balloon/doggy/snack of some sort!” I believe that the adult tantrum is a form of mindfulness that needs to be learned. In fact, I will probably be the one that begins this trend. Watch this space.

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